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3/29/20 Look to the left under the first hyperlink for resource materials and lessons while we are out of school this year. The entire SIGNET curricula are included and are broken down by grade level. Also, a link is included that takes students to many great sites for all kind of activities. These sites include NASA, puzzle sites, and many others.

You might want to work your way through any of the SIGNET lessons. I have included all of them, as well as ones we have completed this year. You might want to go back and have a second look. You also have the opportunity to look at the curriculum for all four years. I'm fine with your jumping ahead in grade or reviewing lessons form previous years, whatever helps you think is what is important.

If you need any feedback, please email me at Please try to carbon copy a parent. I am here for your support and am happy to discuss anything you find interesting. It is my honor to serve you students even though we are no longer physically in the school this year.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on anything. And stay safe!

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10/14/19 Note: I rearranged some seminars this week and am making tomorrow, the fifteenth, an admin day. I'm having some dental work done today, so I suspect talking will not be my forte tomorrow. 

Hello Students and Parents,
The calendar with seminar schedules is located to the right under "SIGNET Program Documents". I have sent emails with students' groups; I cannot list groups on this web page as it is not private. It has been nice seeing my students so far, and I look forward too seeing everybody. 

Thank you,
Nathan Craddock

12th Grade Information:
Cycle Four Seminar: Success and Happiness - What is it?
Cycle Three Seminar: Logical Vulnerability and Truth. We will search for how to understand what is truth using various logical lenses. 
Cycle Two Seminar: Ethics - We will look through the lens of Ends-Based, Rule-Based, and Care-Based systems of ethics.
Cycle One Seminar: Who am I? - Mind? Body? Both? Something more? 

11th Grade Information:
Cycle Seven Seminar: Property Rights Cont...
Cycle Six Seminar: Property Rights-How do we determine ownership of property and under which conditions?
Cycle Five Seminar: Journey Across America-After considering de Tocqueville's journey across the United States, we will create our own journey to see what we can find.
Cycle Four Seminar: Anti-Intellectualism in America- In one hand is Aristotle's "Ethics", but in the other hand is a really awesome gossip mag featuring a story about the royal family. Tough decision, aye?
Cycle Three Seminar: Alexis de Tocqueville - "Tyranny of the Majority" - What if a majority of voters determined that everybody must wear a red hat on Tuesdays? But you hate red hats. What to do? What if instead of red hats, the issue is which ethnic group or race of people can live in a certain neighborhood? This was once the reality in our democracy because a majority of people approved of it.
Cycle Two Seminar: Perfectibility of Man - Ah, the endless quest...Just ask Plato.
Cycle One Seminar: Pursuit of Happiness - So what does make us happy really?

10th Grade Information:
Cycle Ten Seminar: Individual, Society and Science: We will study what happens when science clashes with society.
Cycle Nine Seminar: Frames of reference continued/ Elegant Universe/ Newton and Einstein
Cycle Eight Seminar: Frames of Reference - Speed and location are quite relative actually 
Cycle Seven Seminar: Dimensions/Flatland - A story of dimensions and resistance to changing paradigms.
Cycle Six Seminar: Dimensions - From the zeroth dimension and beyond!
Cycle Five Seminar: Paradigms- We will discuss more fully Thomas Kuhn's idea of changing scientific paradigms. 
Cycle Four Seminar: Bliss Symbolics - Deciphering a pictograph-centered communication system designed to aid people of differing linguistic groups understand each other
Cycle Three Seminar: Paradigms - We will discuss whether the earth is actually globular or shaped like a pizza, or more specifically, how do scientific beliefs change through time? 
Cycle Two Seminar: Pseudoscience- From snake oil to quantum mysticism: Is it real, or is it pseudoscience?
Cycle One Seminar: What is Science? -opposed to "not science"?

9th Grade Information:
Cycle Seven Seminar: Creativity - We will explore the process of creativity through the lens of Torrence's four measures of creativity: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration. Get ready to create some art! 
Cycle Six Seminar: Differentiated Service Plans Part 2 - We will take some time to work on our four-year academic plans, so we can get a bird's eye view of the future. 
Cycle Five Seminar: Ideal Person continues - We will discuss various writings on the ideal person to see where our ideal lies. 
Cycle Four Seminar: Ideal Person - What's yours?
Cycle Three Seminar: Heroes- if you could be a hero just for one day, what would you be?
Cycle Two Seminar: Appearances - Can we judge a book, or person, by the cover?
Cycle One Seminar: How to Seminar!