Scheduling in the Lion Library

For the 2022-2023 school year, we will be using LibraryTrac to schedule classes in the Lion Library.

Please use this link to access the library schedule.
To log-in, please enter your PWCS email address and the school password sent out by Ms. Neal.

Use the following steps to schedule time in the Lion Library:

Step 1: Click the "Add Event" button in the upper left corner.

Screenshot of LibraryTrac Calendar indicating "Add Event" button in upper left corner

Step 2: Provide us with a few details about your library visit: whose class is coming, what brings you to the library, and if you need assistance from a librarian. If you need additional materials or instruction from a librarian, please indicate your needs in the "Description" field.

Screenshot of LibraryTrac Event Details page to book a library visit

Step 3: Indicate which part of the library you would like to use: SMART classroom, Reference section, or Book Check-Out. Select the desired date(s) and class block(s). Lastly, click "Save" to finalize your scheduling. You can send yourself a confirmation email if you would like a reminder.

Screenshot of LibraryTrac event booking which asks for date, location, and block