Need technology help? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions
Posted on 09/03/2020
2020-21 Return to Learn Technology Help

How does my child log into Canvas or Zoom?
Links and instructions (in multiple languages) can be found on the Canvas and Zoom information page (The Quick Link is on the homepage of every school also).

My school said to log into Canvas and Zoom through the “waffle” or Clever?
The “waffle” is the menu button with nine dots in the upper left-hand corner inside of Microsoft Office online. Once a child logs into Microsoft Office, they click the “waffle” then “All apps” and Canvas and Clever are available.

How do we log into Microsoft Office 365?
Login using your child’s PWCS email and password via Microsoft Office 365.

We forgot student username/email?
It is available in ParentVUE by clicking on “Student Info.”

We forgot student password?
Self-reset is easy through the Toolbox quick reset. (Student username and student number are needed – available in ParentVUE under Student Info.)

We forgot our ParentVUE login?
Visit the ParentVUE website for self-reset.

How can I change my child’s name on Zoom?
Please complete the Return to Learn Packet in ParentVUE (instructions) and update the “Preferred Name” of student.

I don’t have a ParentVUE account. How do I get one?
Contact your child’s school.

My child’s schedule is wrong, or a course is wrong, my teacher’s class isn’t in Canvas, or Canvas doesn’t match The Hub schedule?
Contact your child’s school.

The sound has stopped working on my PWCS laptop.
Shut down the computer and then power it back on. Restart will not work.

My PWCS computer cannot login (account is locked.)
Unfortunately, there is not much to do but wait 20 minutes for the computer to self-unlock. As an alternative login, if you bring the laptop to any PWCS school (do not enter the building) and let your laptop connect to the PWCS WIFI, you can then log into the laptop with your personal PWCS student account. This would then allow two different logins into the laptop.

My PWCS laptop camera stopped working.
Look at the camera. If it looks gray or is covered in lines, the privacy screen is engaged. Rub your finger along the top edge of the laptop above the camera to remove the privacy screen.

Visit the PWCS Help Desk webpage for further questions, WIFI parking list, and contact information.