We are starting to accept Behind the Wheel Registrations. Please turn in your registration form, payment, and DEC-1 card to Mr. Bailey when you are ready to sign up.

driver license cartoon

Receiving a 180-Day Temporary License

A student must meet the following criteria to receive their TDL-180 day Temporary License:

  1. Be at least 16 years and three months old;
  2. Have held a learner's permit for nine months;
  3. Successfully completed a state-approved driver education classroom course (have Pink DEC-1 card) and an on road program;
  4. Parent(s) have signed the PPF-03 permission form certifying child is properly insured and has driven a motor vehicle for 45 hours, at least 15 of which were after sunset;
  5. Parent(s)/Student have submitted the 45-hour driving log;
  6. Each parent and student must attend a mandatory 90- minute program in order for the student to complete classroom instruction.

Mandatory Parent/Student Driving Meeting

During the School year in which the student participates in classroom instruction, , the student and parent are required to attend a 90-minute presentation. The legislative requirement if the the participation in a 90-minute program; therefore, no one will be admitted after the presentation has started and the doors will be closed promptly at 7 p.m.

Students may attend a parent meeting at any PWC school.

Only PWC Parent Meetings will be accepted.