School Planning Council


Unity Reed parents and family members are encouraged to become involved in the Unity Reed High School Planning Council. The purpose of the school planning council is to advise the principal on those issues important to the school, such as identifying school needs, developing and evaluating the annual school improvement plan and discussing school procedures and policies. We hope you will consider applying for one of the positions, which are now available.
The SPC is composed of teachers representing all departments and school areas, the IB Coordinator, parents, students, one classified employee, the principal, one assistant principal and one business/community liaison. Parent terms on the council last for two years, which may be extended if interested.
The SPC will meet 4 times a year at 6:30 p.m starting the last Wednesday on September 27, 2023. Future meetings TBD. Attendance to these meetings is mandatory for all council members. Each month the council tackles new proposals and policies, reviews the budgeting process, hears reports from various programs, and continuously monitors and evaluates the present school plan while working to gather data for the creation of future school plans. We stipulate that council members cannot miss two consecutive meetings. This requirement ensures that all voices are heard and all constituencies are represented.
You are strongly encouraged to consider applying for a seat on the SPC. Our school has taken great strides in meeting our commitment to excellence. A major factor in this success is our commitment to collaboration and site-based decision-making. Please consider completing the application. Your involvement can only help to further the success of all students at Unity Reed High School.
If you have more questions about the Unity Reed High School Planning Council, please call the principal's office at 703-365-2900.








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