Welcome to the URHS School Counseling Department

Hours: 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
Phone: 571.598.3003 or 571.598.3018
Fax: 703.330.1125
School CEEB Code: 471-348

Vision Statement 

URHS is a community of learners. All students will learn and achieve to their greatest potential. All graduates will be competent to enter the work world and prepared to pursue advanced educational opportunities. Staff members and graduates will be instilled with the desire and skills necessary to be lifelong learners. 

Mission Statement

Unity Reed Professional School Counselors’ mission is to foster positive relationships with students as well as parents and staff. Counselors will assist students’ in reaching their individual, academic, and career goals in accordance with the state and county school regulations. In addition, our mission is to facilitate student decision-making skills and to help in the development of strong character traits and self understanding that will be important during and after their high school years.

Belief Statement

Counselors believe they should be:

Advocates for students and their families

Increase opportunities and access to quality programs for students and their families

Collaborate with all stakeholders

Maximize growth of students

Provide a support system for students

 This means that Counselors will:

Listen and hear all students

Link students and their families to all available resources to promote growth

Offer programs that support students in a variety of areas

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