Environmental Engineering

View of horizon with environmental engineering structures

Environmental Engineering Program Overview

Environmental Engineering. This program builds on the success of our Project Lead the Way Engineering courses and our IB Environmental Systems class by bringing students together in a focused study on how engineers can devise solutions that protect human health and natural ecosystems, while also improving quality of life.

Classes & Course of Study

Certificate pathway

    • Grade 9: Biology I & Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)
    • Grade 10: Chemistry I & Civil Engineering and Architechture (PLTW)
    • Grade 11: Physics & Environmental Sustainability (PLTW)
    • Grade 12: IB Environmental Systems and Societies (SL) & Engineering Design and Development (PLTW) (An additional PLTW Elective may be substituted for EDD)


    • Grade 9: Advanced MYP Biology & Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW)
    • Grade 10: IB Chemistry I & Civil Engineering and Architechture (PLTW)
    • Grade 11: Environmental Sustainability (PLTW)
    • Grade 12: IB Environmental Systems and Societies (SL) & Engineering Design and Development (PLTW)
    • Related IB Courses IBCP Candidates Must Take 1 During 11th and 12th Grade:
      • IB Englsih SL/HL (2)
      • IB French SL (2)
      • IB Spanish SL/HL (2)
      • IB History HL (2)
      • IB Biology HL (2)
      • IB Chemistry SL (2)
      • IB Physics SL (2)
      • IB Math Analysis SL/HL (2)
      • IB Visual Art HL (2)
      • IB Personal and Professional Skills (PPS) Capstone Course Required for all Certificate and IBCP Students

In Environmental Engineering there is a pathway that combines with our International Baccalaureate Programme, but also a pathway for students who are not in IB courses in grades 9-11. In both cases, students will take the following Project Lead the Way Courses: Introduction to Engineering Design in grade 9, Civil Engineering and Architecture in grade 10, Environmental Sustainability in grade 11, and Engineering Design and Development (or an additional PLTW elective) in grade 12. Both pathways also designate a sequence of science courses that culminate in IB Environmental Systems and Societies in grade 12.

Application Process

Environmental Engineering is an available transfer program at URHS, meaning students attend Unity Reed High School full time.  Currently, students must apply to be part of the IB Program and then you are added to the Environmental Engineering Program. Transportation is available at select specialty bus stops around the county for students.  Unity Reed students continue riding their regular bus. Students may apply by completing the specialty program application starting on November 1st.  The application closes February 1st. If you are a student new to the county, you may still apply within 30 days of your enrollment. Please contact Mrs. Hodgson ([email protected]) for more information.

You can learn more from visiting our Wakelet page that includes contact information and informational videos about all our programs

All Unity Reed High School Specialty Programs acceptances are done by lottery placement.

For more information visit the county specialty program website