Mental Health Awareness Club

Mental Health Awareness Club is a safe place for students to spread awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health. All students are welcome to make Unity Reed High School a positive community and advocate for mental health. The main goals of this club are:

· Spread awareness and help students understand the importance of mental health

· Destigmatize talking or advocating for mental health

· Create activities and events for all students to participate in

· Show different types of techniques to maintain positive mental health

We are open for students at all grade levels to show leadership and construct ideas or goals for the club. We hope this club will help many individual students and show that Unity Reed High School cares for the wellbeing of all students.

Gail Hasbrouck-Malguy  [email protected]
Elizabeth Wiersberg  [email protected]

First Meeting:  Thursday, Oct 28, Room 3013