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Emily Dickinson Chapter at Unity Reed HS

Juniors and Seniors are nominated by the faculty. There will be an induction ceremony in October 2022.  Once inducted, students are expected to fulfill service responsibilities to the chapter, the school, and the community.   An Excel spreadsheet of 15 hours is kept by our vice president.

Where: Room 2015

When:  First & Third Wednesday of Each Month
(October 20, 2021; November 3, 2021)

Congratulations to our new members:
Seniors- Andrea Contreras, Annika Kakkar, Gershon Sablah, Jacob Saul, Fernanda Solis, Sydney Stafford, Karam Zein, Addison Maldonado, Chris Cuba Rios, Alex Hincy, Roberto Lopez Carias, Melecio Martinez, Max Sahonero, Keylin Benavides-Reyes, Ahmed Ahmed, Emma Knick, Marlon Mendez, Tuan Minh Vuong Tran, Thang Mai, Jonathan Umana

Juniors- Alison Centeno, Charlotte Forbes, Helen Roman, Joshua Johnson-Walton, Leslie Noguera Lovo

NEHS Officers 2021-2022:

President: Jordan Coleman
Vice President: Marwa Ougnou
Secretary: Molly O'Leary

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Lem,

Social Media
Instagram:  unityreed_ehs
Twitter:  urhs_nehs