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Science National Honor Society (NHS)

Welcome to a great opportunity to help others in science and just be part of an overall fun honor society! Please make sure you know why this group meets and our purpose for the year! Mrs. R

Group Announcements


Please sign up for tutoring! Remember, each person needs to do two tutoring sessions per quarter.

Need help? questions? See Mrs. Renick or one of your officers if you are having trouble with information.

Tutoring is required:
Please sign up for empty dates!
Please arrive promptly at 2 p.m., and sign up for two sessions per quarter

  • You must stay until 2:30 p.m. if no students show up. If they do, you need to assisst the tutoring teacher in charge.
  • Always be aggressive to help: many of the students there aren't sure what to do or how to start...give them some good ideas and help them get started!
  • Always check with the teacher before you are excused. Do not assume you can leave when you like - you are there for a purpose.
  • If you are absent, there better be someone in your place. Be responsible, please! We are counting on you!

Welcome to the Science National Honor Society!


Please request to join this page so we can attempt to have an official number of members who will be participating this year! This is the year to get this club going so please stay committed to what our goals are. In case you forget, here they are:

  1. $5 dues (now requested) by Oct. 30. Give this directly to Mrs. Renick, no one else please
  2. Register with Mrs. Renick on school fusion & register on Facebook. Steps one and two are a must!
  3. After school tutoring: two sessions per quarter
  4. Judging Science Fairs: (sign up for two) this will not show up until Spring/ Help with Eleventh Grade Science Group for judging (this takes the place of one science fair)
  5. Attend the speaker session (mandatory).
  6. Presentation of one Ellis Early Explorers objective (ready by Dec.)

Group Contacts

Mrs. Renick,