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Adoption of Prince William County Public Schools Regulation 721-2 Student Transfers - High School Athletic Eligibility

With the adoption of the new PWCS Regulation 721-2, changes have been added that impact a student's VHSL eligibility for participation in interscholastic sports at the high school level. Briefly stated, the following excerpts from Regulation 721-2 describe possible impact if a student transfers from one school to another:

  • Students who enter the ninth grade through residence or acceptance into a designated site program will establish VHSL eligibility at the school.
  • Once a student establishes eligibility at a high school and the student transfers to another high school for any reason, the student shall be ineligible for 365 days unless there is a corresponding change of address in accordance with the VHSL Regulation 28-6-1.
  • Once a student establishes eligibility in a high school, any additional transfer requests for designated site programs shall not be considered for a waiver and the student shall be ineligible for 365 days from the date of the transfer.

For full and detailed information, please visit the VHSL website and/or refer to Policies and Regulations on the PWCS website.