Administrative Team


Dr. Richard Nichols ([email protected])

  • Supervision of Music,  SALC, Parent Liason

Assistant Principals: 

Ms. Maria Anderson ([email protected])

  • Academic Alpha: ESOL
  • Supervision of ESOL, Science

Mr. Chris Hintosh ([email protected])

  • Discipline Alpha: Grade 11
  • Supervision of Math, Security, ITC

Ms. Kelli MacDonald ([email protected])

  • Academic Alpha: Special Education
  • Supervision of Special Education, CTE
Ms. Stephanie Nash ([email protected])
  • Discipline Alpha: Grade 12
  • Supervision of English, Art, Library

Administrative Interns:

Ms. Kerry Drouin ([email protected])

  • Discipline Alpha: Grade 9
  • Supervision of World Languages, HPE

Mr. John Verzosa ([email protected])

  • Discipline Alpha: Grade 10
  • Supervision of Social Studies

Director of Counseling:

Ms. Tiffany Hope ([email protected])

  • Supervision of Counselors, Psychologist, Social Worker, Itinerant Support Staff

IB Coordinator:

Ms. Katie Hodgson ([email protected])

  • Supervision of IB, Gifted Education

Athletics & Activities Director:

Mr. Kevin Turner ([email protected])

  • Supervision of Coaches, Custodians, Sponsors

Security Officer:

Mr. Michael Bouchard ([email protected])

  • Supervision of Security Staff